Friday, April 19, 2013

Aledo Ride for Heroes

This is what I am doing tomorrow.
My dad started riding bikes about a year ago to lose weight. Once he was down to a normal size, he started to enjoy bike riding, and really getting into the sport of it. Last summer, I rode with him some. I really enjoy riding bikes outside when it is beautiful. In January when I set out to lose weight, I decided to start riding with Dad again, once a week on Saturdays.
Dad eventually graduated from a hybrid road/mountain bike to a really nice (Moots) road bike. Once he had a taste of the road bike, he decided I needed one too, so he bought me a road bike. Once we both had road bikes, he decided we were ready to start training for some long distance bike rides.
He had bigger plans than I did. Ultimately he wanted to ride the last leg a the PBP 900 bike ride in France, in 2015. He also wanted to ride the RAGBRAI, a six day ride across the state of Iowa. We literally were talking about doing this the day before he died. We had decided we'd wait until next year so we could build up to riding 50-80 miles a day. Thanks for fucking that up pops ;)
There were four smaller long distance bike rides we were talking about doing this summer together.
We only registered for the Aledo Ride for Heroes before he died... less than one month before the ride. So naturally I still felt like I had to do the ride. Luckily my brother Jared can ride with me. We are doing the 64 mile ride and praying for beautiful weather, no wind, and a nice tan :) This broke girl can't afford the tanning bed and I don't want to be pasty white in 55 days when I go to Destin, thankyouverymuch!
Dad, Mom & Jared
I went ahead and signed up for the Possum Pedal. My family loves going out to Possum Kingdom lake and I figured we could go camp out, I could do the ride, then we could rent a boat and have some fun on the lake.
I'm still up in the air about whether to sign up for the last two rides. Jared doesn't mind riding, but I know he's hella busy and it doesn't really fit in his schedule. And as much as I enjoy riding, its not the same without my dad there. In fact it's really fucking boring by myself.
Anybody in the DFW area wanna come ride some rides with me??? Its really cheap! 

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