Raising Boys

Oh the joys of raising boys... I have two... let me tell you about them

My oldest is Austin ~

He turned 7 at the beginning of the year. *Sigh* Let me tell you, if I never heard a seven year old whine about something again... it would still be too soon. I know you shouldn't call your kids names, but I have a hard time refraining from calling this one a crybaby, like everyday.  He is about to finish the first grade. He reads really well, he picked it up immediately in Kindergarten. He is a really smart kid when he applies himself. On the other hand, he can't behave himself  at school to save his life. I've gone through so many different consequences, with no avail. I plan on having him tested for Pediatric Sleep Apnea and then ADD. Fingers crossed we figure something out... because mom & dad are at our whits end. He can be a very good kid as well. He always asks me what I love about him and I tell him: you use your manners, you are very smart, you're funny, you're good at sports, you're nice to little kids and animals, and you read very well.

Then there is Abram ~

I think my problem with Abram is 50 % his fathers genes, and 50% my lack of proper parenting. He is my baby. I have spoiled him rotten. He has the cutest little personality, and gets away with cold blooded murder. He is a little ball of never-ending energy and if I had a penny for every.single.time.someone.told.me.they.wish.they.had.his.energy. I wouldn't have to work another day in my life. He is going to start Kindergarten in the fall and I'm scared. Scared that he won't be ready as he doesnt even know 50% of his letters, scared for the teacher who will try to educate him, scared for how many phone calls I'm going to get in the middle of the day. Abram is the kid running crazy through the grocery store and your looking at the parent like "can't you control your damn kid?" Well, no actually I can't. I try my damndest, but in the end, Abram does what Abram wants to do.  On the other hand this little boy has such a big heart. He comes to me every nght and asks for kisses and hugs, he loves loves loves his stuffed animals and takes them everywhere. He is in love with out dog, Conway, and loves all animals for that matter.

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