I love cooking, trying new recipes, making things up on my own, whatev. I enjoy it. I will only post recipes here that I have tried, otherwise its just thievery.

Background info : I am a picky eater.
Things I don't like:
  • white potatoes
  • thick french fries, nothing too potato-y
  • onions, unless they are virtually non existent
  • tomatoes, unless its red sauce, then it has to be red sauce with no tomato chunks. no ketchup either, that shits made of corn anyways
  • mushrooms, no ifs ands or buts
  • peas... they are just squishy
  • radishes, the little red ones
  • Guacamole - hello this has tomatoes and onions in it.. .refer to previous bullets.
  • red, yellow, or orange bell peppers... unless they are diced, and then only 2-3 pieces in an egg muffin
  • Hamburgers or meatloaf - I don't like huge chunks of ground beef
  • Fried chicken or any chicken with bones in it. I really don't like fried foods either.
  • Rye bread or Swiss cheese... they just have funky flavors
  • hot dogs... do you know whats in those? yeah me neither... but it says mechanically separated chicken, and i don't want any of that business
  • Flour tortillas - i don't know why I don't like these, I guess I just prefer corn. It used to be the other way around
  • radicchio - you know the purple cabbage that's in salad mixes - its no bueno for me
  • Alfredo sauce - this is pretty easy to avoid.
  • food that's been smoked - My dad bought a smoker and used the shit out of it. Adam and I  moved out and I thought I was done with smoked foods.. ah ah ah not so fast there.. Adam then spent SIX FUCKING MONTHS BUILDING HIS OWN DAMN SMOKER. I don't like it.
  • And I don't like beer either. shoot me.
  • I'm sure there's more i dislike/wont eat, but you get the point, right?
So what do I eat then?

I luurv salads...  

I also love grilled chicken. Go figure huh? I enjoy roasted vegetables, all fruit, salmon, halibut, fajitas, beans, but not refried beans. Pasta and red sauce... omg bread, I LOVE BREAD. Sweet baby Jesus I love bread. but not garlic-y bread. I love queso, and tortilla chips... mmm and La Hacienda Ranch salsa. I love sweets, cake, those really soft sugar cookies with the icing that they make for like every holiday. and string cheese, yummy. Ramen noodles are the bomb and I love salted cashews too. Dried fruit, and almonds, and oooo corn nuts from Sprouts. I love love love sweet potatoes! Sweet potato chips, fries, mashed, however you make em, I'll eat em!
So there's a bunch of info about me you really never needed to know, except now when you take me out to eat, and the waiter comes while I'm in the bathroom, you'll know what not to order for me!

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