Love & Marraige

This is my baby, my daddy, my hubcap, my husband, Adam.
We were married by the JP on September 29th, 2006. Only Adam and I were there. And the JP was the same judge who gave me truancy charges in high school. So nice seeing her again. I'm sure she was betting our marriage wouldn't last, so she can suck it now.
 We did it behind everyones' backs and I don't even think we told any friends for a couple weeks. And our families didn't find out for months. My family didn't find out until Adam and I got in a huge fight an my folks (who we were living with at the time) just thought "well that's the end of that relationship" Well no mom and dad, Karyn's here to disappoint you yet again.
Anyways, I love this man to pieces. He can make me soooo mad, and he does... often. But he is one of the funniest people I know and makes me laugh so hard. And I couldn't live without that. 

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