Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It Works! ~ Or Does It??

Sooooo we all have a trouble area, right? Mine is my tummy, my thighs, my calves, my arm fat, yada yada yada... When mama gains weight, I gain it all over... Nice and even like. Which I actually don't mind, I find that better than having any one body area stick out in particular so people don't find it necessary to stare like I have a third arm or some shit. No really though, I'm happy with my arms, my legs are looking good, not much I can do about my damned calves, so really my only "i cant wear a bikini" issue right now is my stomach. My upper stomach looks fine, but I have a pooch of fat at bottom that makes me look 5 months pregnant. Not fucking cool. People could think "oh look at that cute pregnant girl whose confidence is so high she's wearing a bikini" except when I sit down I get the Beyonce squishy belly. 
So what's a girl to do when she's T-9 days till the beach is here and my stomach isn't where I'd like it to be??? Well a quick fix of course! And my quick fix is the It Works! Body applicator. 

Basically, you wash and dry any area south of your neck, wrap this applicator on and wrap with plastic wrap or something equally as tight and wait 45 minutes. You discard the wrap and rub in the left over lotion. Take before and after photos and measurements and take a photo 72 hours later. Oh and drink a crap ton of water too.

So I did this last night:
Before waist 36 3/4"
After waist 35 1/2"

I took two other measurements, one right under my chest and one lower on my tummy, but the differences were so little I don't remember them. 

Here's the cold, hard, photos

I don't see a damn bit of difference, you!?

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