Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pretty Muddy

Ran/walked our first 5K today... The Pretty Muddy all women's mud run at Skyline Ranch in Dallas.

Sarah and I

I got to meet SkinnyMeg & Mama Laughlin, who are really Megan and Brandi, they were really sweet. I signed up for this in the first place because of Megan posting about it on her blog. They were both really nice, down to earth and just seemed like good girlfriends! For none of us really knowing each other, they made us feel like a team. Even though I'm sure they could have run faster, they kept pace with all of us and waited for the whole team to catch up before crossing the finish line. We had about five minutes waiting for some of the group and Megan got us doing drills, burpees, and squats :) 

The course was okay. It definitely didn't feel like 3.1 miles. The obstacles weren't hard, but the terrain was crap! Very uneven, lots of rocks and hills. I'm surprised I didn't sprain my ankle! 

It was cloudy all morning and wouldn't you fucking know it, right as our wave started the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. After drinking last night and only two hours of sleep, the sun was making me feel sick. Right when I wanted to throw up or pass out, a glorious stream became the route we had to take and I laid down in that mother fucker. It felt so good and cooled me off, just what I needed! 

I liked the obstacles, the 5K was a piece of cake, but I don't see anymore mud runs in my future.  The mud didn't add anything to the run for me, except dirtiness. Nothing like rubbing sweat out if your eyes with a handful of mud! 

All cleaned up and ready to go home 

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