Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Advocare 10 day Cleanse

I'm a little late to the blogging party... Let me recap my first two days of the 10 day Advocare cleanse:

Day 1 :
  • Starting weight on Monday 170.6
  • Fiber drink tasted like ass (Hubby Jack you didn't even drink it so you can no longer complain about us womens complaining about it)
  • the Spark wasn't much better. I had the fruit punch flavor and it was waaaay too sweet for me
  • I pissed ALL.DAY.LONG. I'm a regular girl so I stayed that way ;)
  • Gag me...
  • I felt like a million bucks and killed it at the gym running intervals for 3.1 miles then sauna for 15 minutes
The treadmill is a liar... according to my trusty Garmin HRM I burned over 600 kcal. woop woop

Day 2:
Morning snack
  • Weight 169.4
  • MamaL and ElleNoel both recommended to mix the fiber with Trop50... So who stopped at the store for groceries and forgot the damn OJ? mmm hmm, yours truly. I chugged that shit again.
  • I did the spark this time first thing in the am, like before I even got dressed. so that I would be able to chug the fiber with bf 30 minutes later... Its hard gulping down this much liquid this early.
  • I got tired of peeing so I lowered my water intake. BAD IDEA. I went to bed feeling stuffed up and took forever to fall asleep
  • I didn't plan my snacks well for today so I ended up having a fucking rice cake for my afternoon snack
  • Then I felt weak at the gym bc either A)I needed more than a damn rice cake in my stomach,  B) I upped my running skillz... started running at 7mph up from 6.5mph. Idk, but I usually end my run with a 2 minute sprint and then sit in the sauna 15 minutes and I didn't feel strong enough to do the sprint and could only stand the sauna for 8 minutes, or C) this cleanse is catching up with me.
  • Other than feeling weak at the gym, I felt great all day. I heard you should feel sick or like you have a cold, and so far I've been doing fine.
Day 3:
This is what the scale read this am... I'm not to sure what to make of this. I don't like losing weight too fast, but also I don't really trust this number  
  • My dumbass forgot to get OJ again, but there was no way I was chugging the fiber strait. I broke down and made some country OJ I had in the freezer. It wasn't as horrible. It still sucked donkey nuts
Well see how it goes at the gym tonight...

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