Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It seems to be the popular thing to do right now... Start a blog and chronicle your weight loss journey. Hell, why am I so special? Why shouldn't I be doing what all the cool girls are doing? So here it is. I'll try my best.

I've never been skinny, but never really been fat, either. I recall sitting on the stairs one day and my dad saying I had thunder thighs and I'm thinking "what are thighs?" So there you go.

I was never "skinny" until I took a methamphetamine hiatus from reality in my late teens. That shits no joke. It'll make you skinny no matter how many jars of salted cashews you eat in one day you eat when you're high. A friend actually told me during that time "If you loose more weight you'll disappear" At the time I took that as a compliment... and wrote it on a white board... and still have it to this day.

But, I suppose the heroin chic is not really an attractive look, so after I had two babies, I put away the drugs on a few pounds... okay forty pounds. So here I am trying to loose those forty pounds "and make other men jealous of my husband" before our family vacation to Destin FL in June. That's right kids, mama wants to whip out her old Vicki's bikini again... and not just to look at ; )

I hear pictures are a hot thing on blogs... we like pretty things to look at... let me see what I can find...

I choose this because A)I have a degree in nutrition and B) from going to college (yes this high school drop out, meth addict, teen mom, actually went to college... and got a degree... make that two degrees ummthankyouverymuch to my mom and dad) I learned that diets suck and don't work... and the way to weight loss is through and eating food, not alot, mostly vegetables. (can you name that book?) Period.

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