Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Heart Thirty One

Have you ever heard of Thirty One? I'm kind of addicted... I'll show you my goods but first let me give you some back ground info, yo...

Thirty One is a direct sales company that was started in 2003 in a women's (Cindy Monroe~ she's the owner) Tennessee basement with one sewing machine and one embroidery machine. Today it has grow to over 100,000 consultants and a home office in Ohio on 31acres!

Thirty One is purses, shopping totes, lunch totes, beach totes, wicker baskets, wallets, coin purses, accessories, gifts, stationary, and more. The products are so versatile, as you'll see in a moment when I show you how I use them. The best part is, over 80% of the products can be personalized! Even better, they come out with three new catalogs a year, always introducing new products and patterns!

Every month Thirty One has a monthly special, this is a really good way to get lots of product on the cheap...

Let's take a look at an episode of Thirty One Hoarders some of the products I use in my home...

                              We like to hunt. Ducks, if you couldn't all ready tell. So of course I had to have a camo LUT. I use it when we... take a guess??  I put ammo, beer, food, blankets, etc. in it and take it down to the hunting spot... we take a lot of crap down there and this carries it all for me :) (Large Utility Tote $35 + $7 embroidery) 

I have several of these totes, they are good for EVERYTHING! Seriously, I have one for gardening tools, my coupons, junk in my trunk... It's cray cray. This one is for summertime and I have a picnic thermal that matches it to take to the pool. I'm currently using this to haul all my stuff to work in the am. (Organizing Utility Tote $30 + $7 embroidery)

Hello, you had to know my kids would have a bazillion Thirty One bags... LOL On the left you see Abram's, well Austin has the same exact things with his name on 'em... and on the right you see Austin's and obviously Abram has the same things... I'm telling you addiction is a disease and I'm sick! (Cinch Sak $20 + $7 embroidery, Medium Utility Tote is retired)

Here is the Keep It Caddy holding our DVDS and Wii games, I'm not sure what the one with the animals is called, it's retired... we have two of these. Shocking I know. They hold toys in the playroom.
 The Square Utility Bin is retired as well, but I use mine for video games obviously. I also have one to hold my newspapers & coupons. The two robot SUT's hold the boys' toys and there is another Keep It Caddy in there too... (Keep It Caddy $20)

Hang Up Home Organizer, hangs in my dining room, it keeps the mail and the boy's papers off my teeny tiny kitchen counters. I super heart adore this pattern too!!
The Medium Utility Bins on the right hold my rags (you can barely see it says "Rags" on it, and also hold my bras, and hats on the dryer. (Organizer $45, MUB $25)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this adorable pattern!!! This is a small lunch tote, neither it nor the pattern are any longer available. If I know my office is providing lunch, I take this to work with a couple snacks in it. I think this was the first Thirty One product I ever bought! Still a fav!

My Wicker Basket (retired) holds my fruits and veggies on the counter.
 The Picnic Thermal Tote on the right can hold 6 bottles of wine, yessiree :) Or 3 2 liters if you're not a drunk like me some people. I have three of these. One of them has Austin's name on it with a baseball Icon and we use it for his baseball games, the other I use to take to the pool.  (Picnic Thermal $35)

Here is the purse I'm currently carrying. Its an Organizing Shoulder Bag, I stuff the Coupon Clutch, Mini Zipper Pouch, Timeless Wallet, and Lil Expressions notepad... and guess what it all fits!! Can I get a woo hoo! (OSB $45, Coupon Clutch $25, Mini Zipper Pouch $12, Wallet $35, Notepad $20)

I earned this Cindy Tote for frizzle... that FREE folks :) Just for doing my job!
Here is yet another one of my Organizing Utility Totes. They are everywhere... I use this one to take to parties and keep my files/orderforms/catalogs nice and neat! (Cindy Tote $70, OUT $30)

Aww... I think this set is so super cute! Which is why I own it, duh! I carry this Retro Metro Tote with matchingadorableIcan'tlivewithoutit Scarf in the fall :)
The Little Carry All Caddy is at work and holds my tissue box... I also order one of these for Austin's teachers. Either for Christmas, their B-Day, or Teacher Appreciation, and I wrap a little hand sanitizer from B&BW to it. Super Cute ! And they love it ( Retro Metro $55, Scarf $10, Little Carry All $12)

Hello?? Doesn't errrbody need a cute wrap for their camera strap?? This wrap comes in an even cuter pattern now, I'm surprised myself that I don't have it already... Maybe because this camera isn't even mine, it's my broski's so I don't think he likes me decking it out in girly 31 wear.
And the Inspiration Case has my favorite Bible verse on it... It just seemed fitting to carry a Bible in, right? (Strap Wrap $10, Inspiration Case $15 when you host a party, otherwise unavailable)

Umm my house is ghetto really small... like I don't even have a master bathroom small. Like two people cannot comfortably fit in the bathroom I have, small. So naturally when your house is so damn small, you would not expect there to be a toilet paper holder installed. Like, who the fuck doesn't think to install one of these when building a house? The peeps who built my house, that's who. No worries, Thirty One has a product for me... sigh of relief :) This Medium basket does this trick! (Basket $35)
I use this on the daily... and I have to be honest, it's not big enough for all the food I take. Luckily, Thirty One just came out with a larger lunch box! Oh snap... mama's gonna have to go buy me one! (Thermal Tote $18)
Another Large Utility Tote, yes. Just be glad I'm not taking a picture of ALL of them! I probably have about five more that aren't pictured. It's sick I know. I use this one to carry clean folded laundry up the stairs. Then it folds up nicely to fit behind my washer when I'm not using it. This way I don't have to have ugly plastic clothes hampers all over the place. Though I don't know who I'm trying to kid... I still have those ugly hampers, but only 2! (LUT $35, Wallet $35)
Wells Ladies and Gents, that be all the photos I will show you as not to freak you out anymore! If you have any questions about Thirty One... give me a shout. I'd be happy to answer them for you.
I will be writing more posts about Thirty One when there are recruiting incentives, monthly specials, outlet sales  etc.
I sell Thirty One as in I am an Independent Senior Consultant for the company, but I don't like to sell Thirty One. I hate talking to strangers about it, it's outside my comfort zone. Really unless you talk to me about it first, I'm probably not going to say anything to you about it. That being said I would never push Thirty One on anybody. If you like it great, if not, oh well. These posts will be purely for you to know what's up with the company.
That pretty much sums up my life


  1. Not a fan of thirtyone, the items are way over priced , I find the quality lacking, the patterns are unattractive and I out grew monogrammed items in about the 6th grade. I have a friend who sells it I tried to be supportive but there was not one thing I really liked. On top of that you pay ridiculous sales tax and then another fee to ship it. I am and always will be a Vera Bradly girl they have great sales and often have free shipping. Was not happy when they started manufacturing over in China but thirtyone does the same the only thing they do in the states in the embrodiory

    1. Hey there! I totally agree with you on the sales tax AND the shipping AND an additional fee to ship if you're not buying from a party... I really think they could slim down on some of those! Before I started selling, I was part of a hostess of the month club where you buy $31 worth of product a month. I would stare at the catalog thinking "I don't want to spend my money on any of this" (we had less money then) Once I became a consultant and started getting everything for FREE is when I fell in love with the products. Now that I have so many and I know I use them, and in some cases NEED them!, I don't mind spending the few extras bucks here and there when I do pay for the products. I know they are good quality and Thirty One is always coming out with new products and patterns, so there is always something else I want! Anyways, maybe one day you'll find a 31 product you love :) Thank you for stopping by!