Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can you say addiction?

I started selling Scentsy about one year ago. I sell it because people LOVE it! Myself included. I don't host a ton of parties, hardly any to be honest. Every once in awhile I gather orders from friends, family, and co-workers, and use myself as the hostess to earn the rewards, free product and half price items... This last order I entered was about $550 of product and I earned $140 of product for about $32 plus tax. Plus I earned about $140 in commission... Not too bad, huh?

My Scentsy experience began when I invited a family friend to my housewarming party and her gift was a Scentsy plug in. Wonky, to be exact. I thought it was ugly, but I plugged it n and warmed the scent she gave me along with it, Skinny Dippin. Good Lord it smelled heavenly! After about two weeks I started wondering why I couldn't smell it anymore, lol. Hello crazy, you gotta change the wax! About two months after that I finally had a Scentsy party and it was so fun smelling all the scents and collecting outside orders and watching my free product total grow that I decided to sell it! 

Today my collection has grown to include a few more warmers:
Leopard plug in in the kitch warming blueberry cheesecake. Num Num

Wonky, my first. He's in the closet right now, been replaced by Leopard

Zebra in my bedroom warming sentimental cider (discontinued).

Tom comes out in the Fall, November really and I warm Honey Pear Crisp. Smells like grandmas baking!

Dotty warmer in the kitch warming skinny Dippin

Roma in the living room warming Cozy Fireside, it's right next to the front door. I like when you walk in and it smells so homey.

Whoot in the living room warming white sands (discontinued)

Taro in the bathroom warming clean breeze. . I have two little boys who piss on the toilet/floor/rug so it's nice to have something strong to cover the smell till it gets cleaned.

Cupcake just showed up at my work recently. I am warming my new fav: Sun kissed Citrus... seriously smells like a glorious box of fruit roll-ups!

La Paz is a back-up warmer at work. When I have a sale going on, I put it in the break room and turn it on to get peeps attention.

Enchanted is the second warmer I have at my desk, currently warming Hello Yellow, smells like I'm in a flower patch.

Pumpkin again is a seasonal warmer, he comes out in October and warms Honey Pear Crisp.

I think that is all the warmers I currently have... But I do have two more ordered and on the way! Lol
If you have any questions about Scentsy, don't hesitate to ask me or email me.

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