Friday, March 8, 2013

AdvoCare cleanse ~ Is It Already Day 5?

Ahhh Day 5...
The lady I bought my AdvoCare from is a friend of mine and so we've kept in touch during this process so far. She's been great, always asking me how I'm doing and telling me whats normal and not, etc, etc. She's also told me how the cleanse went for her. Plus, I absolutely HATE the fruit punch flavored spark, so she was kind enough to drop some of the orange flavor samples off for me and I have to say, I love the orange flavor. To me the fruit punch tasted way too sweet. I already don't like the taste of artificial sweetener. When I drink those juice packets you mix in a 20oz bottle of H2O, that shit has to be watered down... big time. The fruit punch tasted too much like artificial sweetener to me.

Anyhow, this lady friend of mine said the cleanse went something like this for her: she felt like she had a cold for the first three days and woke up the fourth day with lots of energy and was good from there on out. I felt fine the first two days with minor side effects, and have been awaiting the Energizer Bunnies' visit on day four. Womp Womp... that shit didn't come... maybe I just always have a lot of energy? Who knows?? I feel the same.
I will say during the last four days and today as well, my throat has been extremely dry, even with all the water I've been drinking. I cough all day long, a dry cough. My co-worker is very OCD about people coughing/sneezing/touchingtheirface without sanitizing their hands afterwards so you know my ass is sanitizing every damn time I cough.
That's my only complaint about this cleanse thus far... not too bad.
I did a Zumba class last night (day 4). If you haven't tried Zumba before, do yourself a favor and go take a class. I love to dance. I can't dance for shit, but I love to do it. So I love Zumba because nobody in there 'cept the instructor has a clue whats going on, and everyone looks ridiculous. Win Win for me. The class was 1 hr and I burned 888kcal. Cha Ching!
So I totally expected the scale to look something like this:
I was 166.8 yesterday. I'm cool with the number not changing too much. When it jumps from 169 to 167 in one day (like it did Monday to Tuesday) then I dont like it. It makes me think I could go right back up to 169 the next day. But when it stays at the same number and fluctuates ounces then I know I probably do actually weight 166. Get it?
 I started January 1, 2013 weighing 181lbs, so I'm on track baby :)

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