Friday, March 8, 2013

Link Up


Today I am linking up with Holly & Jake for my very first time...
Finish this Sentence:
1. People always tell me... I have beautiful hair... I hear it all the time. Its long and thick. I keep it up in a pony or bun most of the time bc I don't like taking the time to blow-dry it and curl it...
2. In the movie based on my life... what does this mean? Who would play me? Idk, but the actress would probably come and bitch slap me when it was all said and done
3. Typically, I end up regretting... not cleaning my house on a daily basis... It gets messy quick with two little boys and a shedding black lab
4. I always ask to leave off the... onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, guacamole, anything with tomato chunks
5. Kim and Kanye really... If I were her I'd make him publicly apologize to Taylor Swift (has he done that? I don't follow entertainment stars too much) But I wouldnt think I'd want to be with someone who was rude like that.
6. My Parents always reminded me... nothing comes to mind, maybe that's why I am where I am
7. Every single day I... brush my teeth first thing when I wake up... morning breath is no bueno
8. This one time in College.. By the time I got to college I had 1-2 kids and was married. So this 
one time in college I had really good girlfriend and I miss her bunches... we laughed so hard!

9. My grossest habit is... biting my nails... if you really knew what was under your fingernails, you'd know how gross this really it.

10. My latest white lie was... Last night I was writing a post and my husband asked what I was doing... I haven't told him I started a blog.

11. I know all the words to... The abc song woot woot!!! No really, a lot of songs and maybe the Lion King

12. When I grow up... I just want to be able to relax, and have no debt, and do nice things, like rent jet skis, or go to Montana for a week, or go somewhere tropical

13. Sexy time is... not often enough anymore :(

14. I will never, ever... hmm, jump out of an airplane, eat a live animal/insect, cheat on my husband

15. I think it's hilarious... the things kids say. Austin said recently he doesn't like coming to our house bc he feels like its the end of the world... I also think my husband and Hubby Jack are hilarious


  1. Stopping by from Holly's! I too can't get over the TSwift/Kanye thing either. He needs to apologize!

  2. i agree with with you about hubby jack-funny guy. kids do say the craziest a teacher, i hear it all the time. thanks for linking up with us. have a good weekend!

  3. Stopping by from Hollys and hope you'll stop by mine! I'm having a giveway...and have 3 more in the works this month! So be sure to come over! :)