Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse recap

Well, the 10 day cleanse comes to an end today. Let me just say... I heard a lot of crap about this cleanse before hand. "It's so hard", "You're going to feel crappy and be pissed off" etc, etc. I don't know what these people did differently than me, but this cleanse was easy for me. Like recockulously easy. Because so, I've decided to stay on the train and go right along with MamaL & Skinny Meg (and all the others) and continue on to the 24 day challenge.
All you need is the MNS Max 3, which is a whole bunch more supplements and meal replacement shakes. Check out Skinny Meg's blog to get info on how to order or go HERE. This is the sweet lady I get my goods from. I ordered the Max and a canister of mango strawberry Spark.
The Spark is supposed to be a coffee/soda/caffeine replacement. It's an energy drink that promises to sharpen mental focus and produce long-lasting energy with no "high" and no "crash". I haven't really noticed an increase in energy after I drink this, not to say there hasn't been one.  I don't drink coffee, and lately I've rarely been drinking soda. I suppose the only reason I'm sticking with the spark is to put some flavor in my water filled drinking days.
As far as how I feel on day 10 of the cleanse? I feel awesome! I definitely notice I have more energy overall. I've been waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual, and some days I even wake up and clean!!!!! Something I've never done before, since I have two other humans, plus pets, plus me to take care of in the am. I have been biking or hitting up the gym everyday. I even did yoga on my off day on Sunday. This past weekend, I cleaned my house. It needed it bad, but I was actually looking forward to it. LOL Who looks forward to cleaning their house??
I started the cleanse weighing 170.6... I've never been a daily weigher, but I figured since I was doing a cleanse I would weigh myself everyday. A) just to get an idea of what a lying whore the scale is how my weight fluctuates daily anyhow and B) to see how much I would lose in the end. My weight went down, then up, then down then back up... it was really pissing me off and making me look forward to going back to once a week weighing. Ultimately this is what the scale said on Day 10:
AND......... I should have taken a better photo...but you get the gist, right?

It looks like I lost 5lbs even : ) I'll take it! I already eat clean/healthy 95% of the time. So I was doing this cleanse to rid my body of all the junk food/cigarettes/alcohol I used to have and to lose weight. Period. I'll take a five pound weightloss in ten days any week. Watch my fat ass get on the scale tomorrow and it says 167! lol , I wouldn't be surprised.
Starting weight on 1/1/13 181.0 lbs
Weight on 3/13/13 165.6
Weight lost 16 lbs
Goal weight 138 lbs
Lbs to lose till goal 27
Days until my Destin, FL vacay where my ass will be in a bikini come hell or high water 91
I will have updates on how the 24 day challenge goes for me.
Until then happy hump day homies!


  1. Hey girl! Just finding your blog. I think you had awesome Cleanse results! I'd still weigh in again tomorrow just to be certain- steam rolling into 24 day challenge! Go on witch bad self!! Just FYI- I can't respond to any of your comments via email because you are set to noreply blogger :( Just wanted to thank you for all the constant comment love! You rock!! Can't wait to see the results of your 24 day challenge!

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by :) Any idea how I change that setting?? I'm still trying to figure things out!

  3. Hey Karyn! Just found your blog through IG ... I am going to post my results tomorrow from the cleanse - I too find it quite easy and I plan on pretty much sticking with this way of eating. I am not going to do the 24 day challenge and take more supplements but I am going to keep eating clean, I feel so much better because of it and my pants are getting looser, can't beat that!! Glad I found your blog, come visit my blog sometime too - I blog as much as I can between working full time and raising 2 crazy boys and a very crazy husband! =) Anyways I look forward to following your blog - have a great day!

  4. Sam ~ I will come check you out girl! Sounds like we are livin the same life! Thank you for stopping by :)