Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh you know just posting from my phone

While I was at work, a salesman for the Dallas newspaper stopped by the house and my husband, Adam, said the convo went something like this:

The guy talked him into signing up for the news, something like $17 for three months and it comes with a $30 visa gift card then you can cancel anytime. There's paperwork involved.

Well, Can I come in?
A:Uh sure.
Where can I sit?
A:(He cleans off a spot on the couch)
Are you from America? (who asks this fucking question?)
A: uh yeah I am
Oh the beard threw me off... I gotta buddy who's got a beard but he's from Alaska
A: Alaska is part of America
Oh it is?
A: yeah, it's just not connected
Oh I guess I never looked at it like that.

On his way out the door he asked if we had anything to snack on. Like what the hell, dude? Did you just smoke a j on your way here, or what?

Wth?? Why can't he just say no to these people. I walk in the door and he hands me something and says here you need to cancel this. So he went through all that for what? Not a damn thing. This is the same reason we ended up with a house alarm system. Men.

My German husband:


  1. Hahaha.. I could've written this about my husband! Guys are so dumb sometimes. New follower -- stopping by from :)

    1. Woo Hoo! Thank you for stopping by and Christening my blog with a comment! You rock!